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News - Sept 2021

Monday Open Mic at Porter Belly's!!!  Sept. 20th


Say what? Yup. We're gonna give it a go.  Starting Monday, Sept. 20th, we will be hosting a weekly acoustic open mic at Porter Belly's Pub in Brighton (same as Devlin's, just one door down on Washington St.).  


Monday Open Mic

at Porter Belly's Pub

338 Washington St., Brighton, MA 02135

Sign starts: 8:00pm

Open Mic starts: 8:30pm

Ends at Midnight


Covid concerns:

As we have always done, we'll have sanitizing wipes for microphones. We won't be able to accommodate large groups. It's a tight stage. Singers need to be 6' apart, so no more than 2 at a time. The Boston mask mandate is what it is. You should use your own judgement and comfort level to decide if you want to attend. We will not be able to police the behavior of the pub's patrons. We will also not be able to have a "house" guitar.




Memorial Jam for Brian Reilly

Unfortunately, our memorial jam for Brian Reilly on Oct 2nd needs to be postponed once again, due to Covid concerns from the friends and family. Brian was a kind, friendly friend,  regular performer at Tommy Doyle's open mic, and played in several other groups in our network, such as Ben G and the Bureaucats, Mojo Jubilee, and Dreamtime Travelers.




Chuck Capone

"If I Could Paint A Picture" 


Here's a song release by our friend, Chuck Capone, who was a familiar face at the Mick Morgan's Open Mic. A beautiful, relaxing song relevant to our times, written in the spirit of peace and love. The video quality is wonderful as well.




Melrose Porchfest September 25th.


Lots of great music in an easy walking town.




We hope you and your people have weathered well during this Covid conundrum. Be well. Make music.




Covid-19 Has Put Us on Hold

Thank you for checking in with us, and thank you for your patience.

Due to Covid-19, our ship is adrift.

We are working to get back up and running. Please check back.


January News

***  Happy New Year!

It goes without saying, that 2021 sure has a lot of expectations to live up to. Good luck everyone. 


***  Here it is!!! The "Whatchya been doin?" list.

go here...


While so much Covid isolation has kept live music behind the curtain, many of us have found time to work on other musical projects such as studio albums, YouTube channels, new songwriting, dusting off old material, etc. etc. However, not all of us are connected to each other via social media, sooooo here's a chance for all of us to share what we've been up to! We had a ton of fun going through these submissions to see what musical creations have surmised over the last year. Thanks to all who participated. Check it out for yourself. 


note: viewing will be better on a computer.






Artist or Band Name

Artist/Band main web presence link

Whatchya been doin in 2020... in about 3 sentences.

Posted by

Specific 2020 music project link

Steve Robb

Writing and releasing tunes. 




Ethan B. Miller

Played harp on 2 releases in 2020, both by Cold Car, one of which was a live album recorded in 2020 at a rare backyard BBQ.


Zack Bolles

Been messing'  around with music, writing, streaming, collaborating. 


Wild Sundays

Led by married couple John and Melissa Hanson, Wild Sundays was formed in 2019 to perform at the John Hanson Project album release show. Wild Sundays first album, "Oh", was released in 2020.


Tony Grassi


Regularly posting songs with the lovely Kylie Klinger on Keys, Keeping the open mic spirit alive, and tagging the Timko's Open Mic at Tommy Doyle's crew.



Alex Kane

Released 2nd album, The Catalyst, at the end of 2019. Moved to Nashville just before the pandemic started in  2020.


ODB Project

Michael Dion, songwriter/leader, of " Daemon Chili",  also of "Hot Day At The Zoo", has been keeping fresh in a one-man-band style solo effort, aka, ODB Project.





Erin Harpe

October 30th our new album, “Meet Me In The Middle”, was released, with a live-stream album release party to celebrate! The album is a hit with DJ’s, and it debuts at #13 on the Billboard Blues chart, and makes it to #9 on the Roots Music Report’s Blues Album Chart!


Alastair Moock

Moock’s latest family album is a joyful, musical rallying cry for young (and old) leaders in these turbulent times. It looks to the heroes of our past and present to inspire our kids to move the ball forward. The album won a 2020 Parents’ Choice Gold Medal.


John x Micki

Written when we were in Panama right before the world was shutting down to covid. We almost got stuck there! Anyway, hope you enjoy the song and there’ll be more to come!


Peter Parcek

Premier Guitar has chosen Mississippi Suitcase as one of the best albums of 2020! "Mississippi Suitcase is elemental: a celebratory bonfire, radiating Parcek’s virtuosity, creativity, and musical intelligence...He is truly a master, and I love this album."


Pete LaGrange & the Ghost Riders

After a breakthrough performance in Newport back in January, the pandemic struck. Throughout the year, we continued to build upon our repertoire of rock n' roll and western songs from the 50's & 60's and look forward (hopefully!) to our return to the stage in 2021.

Pete LaGrange


Writin'.   At, see the video Boston Neighborhood Network did of a new Brighton song ("Ride The Fifty-Seven"), my own lame video ("I Know More"), a new attempt at commercial country ("Skin-Tight Mask"), and hey, a Christmas song ("Talking ZeroAD Shepherds' Blues").

Stan Lyness

In addition to the songs above, here's a tiresome audienceless open mike for Medford Public Access

Michael Maloney

In addition to working full time as a physical therapist, I have been writing and recording new songs & finished my long gestating album "January Hopeful", which is coming out 1/1 on all major digital markets for streaming and download.

Michael Maloney


Available 1/1

Jadon Czerniach


Jadon (of Screaming Sushi fame) has been writing and producing music. Check out new releases on Spotify. In December, he was asked by Tufts Medical Center to arrange and produce the music for a music video with a public health message to be sung by his mom, Hospital Epidemiologist Shira Doron, MD. The video got over 40,000 views by Christmas Day.

Shira Doron

Off Label

The doc rockers from Off Label are getting pretty tired of pandemic fighting. To blow off steam, we still get together (outside or with masks on and 6 feet of distance) to jam. We enjoyed partnering with Notes of Hope (, an organization that put together a concert series streamed every night at 7pm for healthcare workers during the first surge. Off Label was part of the grand finale with Yo-Yo Ma and the Boston Pops.

Shira Doron


We've been posting a weekly video of our Performance From Home on our Facebook page.  We also released 8th album, "I'm A Tiger".  And we've been doing the best we can to stay safe and healthy. Patience, patience, patience.

Satoru Nakagawa

Cha Feliz

Cha Feliz has been recording solo guitar instrumentals that range from being melodic, psychedelic, and minimal.  'rooted in the earth' was recorded April 11, 2020.  There are no overdubs or samples.

Cha Feliz

SlowPoke N Turtle

SlowPoke N Turtle just finished 'present to past' a collection of instrumentals inspired by the music of West Africa.  It was recorded by Aaron Bellamy of A1produx and released on October 2, 2020.

Charlie McLaren

Cold Car 

Cold Car had a productive 2020! We released a self produced EP “TheNow,” Mixed/Mastered by Alexis Guneratne, Produced by Ken & Leah and released in November 2020. We were able to play a few live, socially distance outdoor shows. In August 2020, Leah was able to produce one of our performances  as a live album titled “This Afternoon,” available on Bandcamp.

Leah Lodato

The Acemakers

The Acemakers had our best show at the Square Root in Roslindale in late Feb and then the lock down started. The band was very pumped during the early stages of Covid and we quickly put out three "At Home" videos. We did manage to play a short set at the Walpole Porch Fest  on a 94 degree afternoon in July! We also were invited to play at the Walpole Arts Festival on the town Common in August. Unfortunately, as the months went by,  we lost of bit of our MoJo.  Hopefully, we can ramp things up again after the new year. Being able to see what everybody else has been posting here is a great motivator!

Ace Brown

I Need Never Get Old - The Night Sweats

Bad Guy - Billie Eilish

Would I Lie to You - The Eurythmics

Scott O

As an expert in social distancing I've adapted pretty well to hiding in my house and playing guitar.  I've also been lucky to connect with some people locally to jam on a semi-regular basis, one of the results of which is linked below.  

Scot O

Jam Sandwich Rock Band

Like everyone, the majority of our gigs were cancelled, but we did manage to play at a number of Farmers Markets and at the Wachusett Mountain music festival.  For the last few months, we have been playing outside, socially distance gigs for our Bass play Tom's neighborhood in Norwood.  Great group of people down there.

Rich Miller

Video of Jam Sandwich's original song "Love" shot at the Wachusett Mountain Music Festival over the summer.

Billy Claiborne

Released new album. “Storm Doors” Available everywhere




Lost in the throws of life with little music, I found this recording of a live original set I played in Feb. of 2020  before everything shutdown. Has bandmate, Leah Lodato singing on it, had it mastered by Joel Plante, found some local Covid-inspired graffiti by YN-Prop to use as an album cover, and now have my first solo acoustic original live album to share.

Live album: 

TIMKO & Co. "Live 2020"

featuring Leah Lodato, mastered by Joel Plante, all songs by Tim Kochanski

Tim Kochanski

Facebook Page