For almost 10 years, I've hosted weekly open mic at various venues in the Greater Boston area.  

My job for open mics is two-fold.  

1. Keep the flow going, be organized and entertaining for the venue customers.  

2. Create a place where new and seasoned performers feel welcome.

Ultimately, my goal is to offer a safe, relaxed and informal gathering of musicians and music fans that build engagement and community.

If the musician list gets short, I'll jump in and play upbeat, popular covers songs, solo acoustic and cater to the patrons in each particular venue to keep them engaged and entertained (which means they stay longer, and spend more). 

My song selection is a wide array, from modern indie, to 90’s/80’s etc.  Depending on the room, I can throw in classic rock, country, blues, reggae, and some Dead as well. An appropriate volume for the room and a balanced sound are a key feature in keeping the guests happy. 

Photo Gallery

Use some Pic stich for open mics, include different ages, groups, well known like tokyo tramps, girls and guys. 

ASDF - do you supply equipment? Mention the high quality gear.


Current & Past Venues

• Porter Belly’s (Brighton)

• Ward 4 (Newton)

• Knights of Columbus (Melrose) 

• Tommy Doyle’s (Newton)

• Mick Morgan’s (Needham, Sharon)

• Kennedy’s (Harvard Square)

• Slumbrew (Assembly Row)

• Devlin’s (Brighton)




Tim removes the hassle of handling open mic night, leaving me free to do my main job of running the restaurant.” - Peggy


Interested in an Open Mic at your venue?  Connect with Timko and ask about the possibilities


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