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Here's a bit about what to expect from Boston Loves Music's website as well about its founder, TIMKO (aka Tim Kochanski).  

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Boston Loves Music exists to create a supportive, inclusive community of performers, bands, and nightlife across the Greater Boston area.  We support fantastic, unsung musicians first, and dedicated music-lovers second.

While this website is in its infancy, our hope is that it will grow into a comprehensive resource for rising musicians in the Boston area.  

This website won’t tell you who is playing at the Paradise (or at least, not yet….but we have big plans for the future 😉).

Instead, Boston Loves Music guides you to local events (open mics, Porchfests, etc.) and resources (coming soon) to help you advance your music career.    


The idea for Boston Loves Music sparked in 2014.  Tim was looking for a way to promote and create buzz for his Open Mic socials around the Boston area.  

But he didn’t want to raise up just himself. He wanted to build a community and lift up other inspiring musicians in the area.  

And apparently he had a knack for writing emails, since his newsletter has been going strong (even during the pandemic) for 10+ years…. 


Wait, who’s TIMKO? TIMKO (short for Tim Konchanski)

Tim does more than write a dang good newsletter.  He's been a local singer/songwriter for 20+ years, and open mic host and event music planner for 10+ years.  

When not knee-deep in music, he aspires to cook the perfect pancake.  

Click here to learn more about TIMKO (link coming soon). 


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Just like you, we hate digging around on websites to find what we want.  To make it simple, here’s an overview of what Boston Loves Music has to offer.  See something intriguing?  Just click the link….


Newsletters - monthly emails delivered right to your inbox are the bread and butter of Boston Loves Music, and filled with nuggets of gold for rising musicians and their fans. 

Open Mics - listing of open mic and acoustic sessions around town.

Porchfests - down to the grassroots of local performances of free and live performances in local neighborhoods 

Bands - COMING SOON!  

Directory - Need gear?  Looking to record? Brush up with a lesson?  Here's the folks you need…

Happenings - COMING SOON!  From big to small, here’s the performances around the Greater Boston area you don’t want to miss

TIMKO - Learn about the man behind the website and talents he brings to the table