November 2023


Mon. Oct 30th at Porter Belly's. Open mic as usual, except... unusual. If you've got a costume, wear it! I'll be celebrating my Halloween birthday at midnight.

*** WOOF!

The past months have been whacked out busy, so I'm just catching up. I've missed communicating with you all and hope your Autumn has been musical. There were so many great local shows to attend, including area wide porchfests!

...And into the holidays, we go! ~ TIMKO


***Here's a quick shout out to all of you who have grouped together from our open mics into the greater music scene. So many musical relationships have formed and it's wonderful to see! Here's just a few recent ONES to mention....

  • Lindsay and Ace Kelly had a huge turn out at their Midway Cafe show recently.
  • Thom G teamed up with members of Larissa's band
  • Leandro and Steve are kickin' keisters and just put up a new website!  check it out!
  • Ace Brown has been keepin' tabs and planting flags on our extended scene and venues.
  • Zedervan is a hot new band led by Sam Little, featuring Micki Dupnik, Michael O'Keefe, & Mike P. ...They're solidly rockin'.
  • Bassist, Ethan Mackler is the genius behind "Bards of Brawl", a sort of bass driven pile drive body slam poetry creation in the vein of WWF featuring Danny Pepper, Thom Griffin, and many other Porter Belly open mic'rs as guest stars, including, Burger on trumpet, and Julia singing Opera!


***Unicorn Joe has been snapping awesome, creative picts of performers at Porter's Monday open mic and posting them to Instagram.  Picts include such performers as Stan, Joey, Ace K, Abe, Pepper, Matt, Lindsay, Steve, Charlotte, Thom, Leandro, Hadar, Emily, Andrew, Julia, Ryan Helen, Coupe Deville, TIMKO, the Knives, Ben Cooper, Lizifer, Ethan, Metal Joe, Unicorn Mother, Micki, Mark, and many more. Thanks to Unicorn Joe for compiling all this for us!

Check them out here.


***Cotton Mouth Boot Mill Flavor - Reunion Show, 

Saturday, Nov. 11th at Taffeta in Lowell, MA, 

Hey all, my high school-turned-college band had some pretty great success locally at UMASS Lowell. We didn't get signed, but we did have regular line-out-the-door shows in our home base of Lowell, Mass. Tons of great memories with friends and fans!

We are celebrating the remastered releases of 2 of our albums. They are on all streaming services under the name 'Cotton Mouth Boot Mill Flavor'. You can also listen/download/share the releases at the this link, plus see further info about the band and show.

Note: The show starts at 5pm with a friends reunion open to all, but it is suggested for those coming to see just Cotton Mouth/BMF to arrive by 7:30. There will be other great groups opening for us!

Facebook Event link

***Alex and the People

Terrance Reeves, former open mic co-host of the infamous Terry O'Reilly's, is celebrating an album release for one of his groups, Alex and the People! He produced, mixed and engineered it, as well as playing the bass. Check it out!

Fri., Nov. 3, 'Alex & the People' album release show at the Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA, 8pm, with Jabbering Trout, Aldous Collins. $18 in advance, $20 at the door.


***TIMKO & Co.

Thurs 11/2, Ward 4, Auburndale, 6:30-9:30pm

Sun 11/5, Devlin's Brunch, Brighton, MA 12-3pm

Sat 11/11, Taffeta, Lowell, MA w/ Cotton Mouth Boot Mill Flavor, 7:30pm $25 tix at

Wed 11/22, Tommy Doyle's Turkey Day Pre-Party, Newton, MA 8-11pm


***I'm experimenting with a new way for you to promote your shows in our email blast. If you have a show in December or beyond, and want it listed in the next email blast, follow the next link to fill out the form. I welcome any feedback on if this process was easy and if you felt it added value to your gig promotions. Thanks in advance!

It would potentially look like this:

TIMKO & Co. 11/26/2023 Devlin's Brighton 12pm 3pm FREE Brunch
TIMKO & Co. 11/15/2023 Tommy Doyle's Newton 8pm 11pm FREE  
Cotton Mouth Boot Mill Flavor 11/11/2023 Taffeta Lowell 5 11   Full night of music, Cotton Mouth/BMF goes on about 8:30pm. Get tickets, listen to the music, and find more event info here:
TIMKO & Co. 11/05/2023 Devlin's Brighton 12pm 3pm FREE Brunch
TIMKO & Co. 11/02/2023 Ward 4 Auburndale 6:30 9:30 FREE  


Website for you?

Are you interested in creating your own musician's website and/or landing page for all your socials?

Try Bandzoogle. I've been very happy with Bandzoogle as a website service full of features for independent musicians and great customer support. Use this link to check it out! (note: I get a small kickback if you decide to join)


Hosted by TIMKO (unless otherwise noted)

***MONDAYS, Porter Belly's Pub, 338 Washington St., Brighton, MA 02135

  • Sign-up starts: 8:00pm, Open Mic starts: 8:30pm, Ends at 12:00am
  • Music Only!
  • Details: 2 song sets. Gear: 2 mics, 3 guitar cables, keyboard upon request. Percussion welcome. 

***WEDNESDAYS, Ward 4, 277 Auburn St, Newton, MA 02466

  • Sign up starts at 7pm, Open Mic starts: 7:30pm, Ends at 10pm
  • Music Only!
  • Details: 2 song sets. Gear: 2 mics, 3 guitar cables, keyboard upon request. Percussion welcome. 

***THURSDAYS, Knights of Columbus, 23 W. Foster St., Melrose, Second Floor

  • Sign up starts at 7pm, Open Mic starts: 7:30pm, Ends at 10:30pm
  • Music Only!
  • Details: 3 song sets. Gear: 2 mics, 3 guitar cables, keyboard upon request. Percussion welcome.
  • Hosted by TIMKO (3rd & 5th), Mark T (1st) ., Johnny O.(2nd & 4th)


If you know of someone from our open mics who'd appreciate getting these community-building emails, please suggest to them to sign up on our website.


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