The Almighty Buck


The Almighty Buck is a Boston based 4-piece playing a unique blend of alt-country, roots/reggae, and alternative rock with artful lyrics and pop hooks... perfect for the modern attention span! The latest line-up rocks out with Leah Lodato on bass/vocals, Jefferson Woods on drums and Erik Von Doetsch on fuzzy guitars. 


This is the musical project of Tim Ko. (short for Kochanski), a local Boston musician who hosts weekly Open Mics in the Boston area as well as other musical events and promotions. He is the former songwriter/guitarist for Cotton Mouth - UMass Lowell’s very popular grunge/jam band of the 90’s.


The most recent EP “So Long”, recorded by TimKo., was mixed and mastered by Joel Plante... engineer at James Guthrie’s studio, Das Boot Recordings.  Das Boot has mixed and remixed nearly every Pink Floyd release since The Wall. . It features Jeff Dudziak on bass and Josh Fleischmann (of Israel Nash) on drums, plus guest appearances by Boston locals Michael Dion (Daemon Chili/Hot Day At The Zoo) and Jen Kearney (of the Lost Onion). “So Long” follows their freshman LP Horse and Rider (with the original New York City line-up.)